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Nearshore FrontEnd development teams managed from Munich, Germany. 

Development managed via Munich, Germany.















Angular, React, UI Dev (HTML/CSS), Cloud Engineering, Software Architecture…

If you are looking for cloud-experienced development teams to outsource your enterprise frontend engineering projects, combining reliable german project management, technical consulting with an affordable price tag, then you are our perfect client.

Get more for less –
and stay in control.


Let‘s be honest: Good and affordable people are almost impossible to get today. That is why we successfully opened this additional region for ourselves in 2018. And now we would like to share it with you.

Outsourcing software development is one of the most efficient ways to save cost in the US and european market. While you add more agility to your team structure you easily save up to 60-70% of you budget, even if we count in the additional travel. On top of that you get a monthly report about your team and it’s performance, so you are up to date and in control at all times. Get more for less. 


SNK Teams is located in the heart of Skopje – and in the center of Europe. Just a few minutes away from the airport, which makes it easy for travelling and staying in touch with you and our german mothership.

We fly there on a regular basis to ensure to keep our colleagues close and the global spirit and culture alive and kicking. So you don’t have to fly there. But it’s a beautiful country and easy to get there. In case you are interested.

Let us take care of the admin job

 Focus on your product and business and trust your personal germany-based project manager to handle the details. We have your back. Also hiring and onboarding is something we are happy to take care of for you.


Scale your teams at reasonable cost
Save at least 60% on salaries without compromising on quality or speed. Get the highest discount on long term engagements (6-12 months) or a maximum of flexibility with short term engagements (1 – 3 months).
Reliable and transparent
We are also all sitting in the same boat when it comes to all the outsource offer emails in our inboxes. SNK teams is different, because it is built and managed by a german hub with 20 years in the industry.

Feel free to ask

Wether you want to talk about your specific team requirements or about further details regarding the setup and way of work – we love to answer any questions.
Just send us a note and we get back to you.