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Built for ourselves –
expanded for you.

SNK is a digital agency from Munich, Germany, pioneering the modern internet since 20 years. With a great team of roughly 100 experts working in IT, design and software we help companies to digitize their business and build cloud-based brands and applications. 

SNK is a an organically grown, owner-managed agency, where each partner / managing director is leading a unit he is an expert in since many years. We are five dedicated experts leading five incredible teams or units, so that we combine the strength and power of a specialist for each field with the advantage of close collaborations between those units.
SNK itself is helping innovative tech startups to align their complex business models with their customer dreams and expecations since 20 years. 

It’s not a secret that the so-called war for talent is especially intense in big cities like Munich, where we are from originally. And so we experimented with different additional SNK office locations and finally found Skopje in Macedonia to be the location that worked best for us as our new second home for talents and colleagues.
After having successfully expanded our team to Skopje, partners and friends became interested, too. That’s why we opened the SNK teams program for the public.
You wonder who we work for? These clients for example:

Our story in a nutshell:


It’s now almost 20 years ago that SNK was founded in Munich, Germany and grew up to a global 100+ digital agency.


We successfully built a development office in Skopje, Macedonia for ourselves, counting 15+ developers.


We expand our office into SNK Teams: A risk-free no-thrills nearshore service managed via germany.

That’s us.

André Bachofner

André is our Director for UX. He is looking back at 20 years of hands-on work in User Interface Design – most of the time in the complex environment of enterprise software and ecommerce – two of the most exciting and fast-growing software fields of the last decades.
André founded SNK as a digital agency during his time at the university, while agencies of that time where simply myriads away from “digital”. Though he might not be a pioneer in the sense of Tim Berners-Lee, but he is a UX pioneer of the modern internet “as we know it”. Building websites and software interfaces in times long before Google or Amazon even existed.

Christian Flaccus

“Flaccus” is our Managing Director Creative and an expert for brand strategy and b2b communication. In 1997 he co-founded the e-commerce software vendor Hybris and managed the brand, it’s global expansion and the cultural impact internally and externally for 20 years. He joined SNK in 2003 but kept the Hybris Brand Manager role as an external manager until 2017, also managing the brand transition to SAP Hybris after a spectacular acquisition in 2013.
Flaccus is active as a Brand Advisor in a few startup and incubator programs but today mainly busy supporting our startup and enterprise clients in brand and marketing questions.


 Michael Kirchberger

Michael is our relentless Managing Director and expert for Digital Marketing. Before joining SNK he founded the digital agency kirchbergerknorr with his friend Federico that grew up to 40 employees before joining forces with SNK in 2018. He now pulls together the strings of our technology and design services and creates beautiful 360° Digital Marketing concepts that turn all our single services into full compact conversion-optimized concepts. It’s all about the customer journey and how you orchestrate and align all your initatives to work towards the same goal. 

Paul Zentner

Paul is our Managing Director Strategy. Not only because he might be one of the rare graduated communication designers that started his career in a serious consulting company instead of an agency. Paul started to consult clients already during university, but quickly decided to let his brain work for Booz & Company in 2xxx. When combining design and strategy started to become a serious trend, he joined SNK and is now bringing a mix to the table that is rare, highly valuable and quite ahead of the game.


Federico Zuluaga-Knorr

Federico is our Managing Director Technology and Operations. With a strong background in Management he has more than 20 years of expertise in building and managing complex digital projects and teams. Together with his friend Michael he built kirchbergerknorr, a web agency with more than 40 employees before joining forces with SNK in 2018.

He is now managing the technology unit as well as the project management unit of SNK. He is your guy when it comes to setting up a truly international remote development team.

Kire Konev

Kire is our man in Macedonia. Federico and Kire know each other since they met in university many years ago and have been close friends ever since. 
After a few years Kire and Federico had the idea of forming SNK Macedonia and the rest is history.