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We make your brands become alive and turn customers into fans.


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Since 2001 (yes, that old) we are helping b2b, tech and software companies to find the right visual tone for their brands and projects. Strong design that puts you in the right light, attracts attention and arouses sympathy.

You want to make a sustainable impression – tailored to your strategy?

Then we know precisely how to help.

(Let’s join forces. We could be heroes!)

Favorite creative works

These are some of our latest design, branding, huhu and creative projects. If you are looking for the full stack SNK portfolio, including all our consulting, UX and tech services, you find more on the SNK.DE mothership

Beat cat pictures with good design

Today’s consumers want to be entertained. But they also appreciate companies that invest time and passion in establishing a dialogue with their customers. Good and meaningful design can project the quality and relevance consumers are seeking.

Outgrow average and start to win hearts

Just “doing your homework” is not enough! But if you dare to leave “standard” behind, and boldy embrace your own original style with a creative partner like us,  you will shine as a beacon to your audience. And in doing so, you will win your customers’ hearts.

A friendly tone, a pinch of humour

Today’s customers immediately determine whether you just want to sell them something quickly or if you actually want to have a genuine and thoughtful conversation with them. Good visual design allows you to create a pleasant and positive atmosphere. 

We’re still open for new best friends. And a first chat is always for free. 

Wether it’s brand development / management or maybe just a small social campaign as a starter? Tell us how we might be able to help you.