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E.ON Plus

Smart home and Energy Shop

An undiscovered product offering

E.ON chose SNK to help them do first innovative steps in putting together a combined offering of energy services and smart home devices. This kind of onlineshop experience was completely undiscovered and new. Without any best-practice or given blueprint we had to build the experience from scratch, still making sure people understand the innovative offering quick enough.

top-notch UX and serious user testings

In this project we teamed up with our SNK UX colleagues and built a kind of innovation task force around E.ON Plus. A lot of time and energy went into prototypes and serious user testings with many feedback loops to make sure that the offering is understood by all the people from the very versatile audience. 
In the end we managed to create a highly emotional shopping experience that convinced customers of the benefits that come with the combination of energy and innovative smart home products.

E.ON Plus color scheme

E.ON Red

CMYK: 0 90 90 0
RGB: 234 28 10
HEX: #ea1c0a

Dark Red

CMYK: 20 100 100 15
RGB: 177 3 2
HEX: #b10302
PANTONE: Black 186C


CMYK: 62 3 20 0
RGB: 92 188 200
HEX: #5cbcc8

Dark Turquoise

CMYK: 77 24 31 6
RGB: 42 143 161
HEX: #2a8fa1

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