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Brand and Website Relaunch
for CRM expert maihiro

Brand and Website Relaunch

Our client, an established CRM service provider, entrusted us to provide them with a step-by-step brand and website relaunch. The driver for this was their  new product division, the introduction of which provided the impulse for a more youthful and visual positioning of the brand.

The brand world

The relaunch process was implemented in close cooperation with the management and employees. For example, the new slogan was developed together using a collaborative  brainstorming tool. The end result was a well-executed, coherent brand rejuvenation. This was reflected in every corner of the brand world and could be clearly experienced by customers. 

Color scheme

Black Pearl

CMYK: 100 90 50 70
RGB: 4 20 43
HEX: #04142B

Blue Lagoon

CMYK: 0 90 65 0
RGB: 7 98 132
HEX: #076284

Tahiti Gold

CMYK: 0 70 90 0
RGB: 235 102 36
HEX: #EB6624


CMYK: 5 23 82 0
RGB: 247 200 63
HEX: #F7C73F

Video Production:
Motion Design

The new visual staging of the maihiro brand included rich audiovisual elements such as videos and telephone announcements with custom audio. We designed original motion graphics to present the functionality and advantages of the maiConnect CRM system as simply and vividly as possible.


of process

maihiro works a lot for small and medium-sized businesses and are widely known as a very friendly partner who really cares about talking in a way that you understand even the most complex business models and projects. That’s why we created a visual system with a strong focus on customer centricity.