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SAP Hybris
Lead-Agency over 15+ years

A special setup

Hybris was founded in 1997 as a small ecommerce software startup and grew to 500 people in 2013, when it was sold to SAP for 1.5 b$. It then grew to 3.000 people and had to transfer fresh innovative blood into the SAP mothership – and succeded as SAP Hybris.
A startup like that needs a huge variety of design services during such a journey. From building and maintaining a strong brand, corporate communication, websites, software user interfaces, presentations, advertising to customer events, tradeshow booths and videos. 

The internal/external agency

Fate wanted to tie us closely together with Hybris. We originally built the legendary Hybris Brand for them in 1997 and worked as the Brand Lead over almost 20 years. For this close relationship we created a special concept that we called the „internal / external agency“ and took over a huge range of responsibility from brand over marketing down to the user interface. That way we were able to create a complete and comprehensive system for the brand and product, that we reached a level of consistency and brand-trust that only compete’s with the best brands of the world.
Over the years we helped the brand and product grow from startup-stage to full enterprise and market leader level, managed numerous evolutionary re-launchs, implemented several website relaunches and sub-brands,  created countless super-immersive brand events and turned thousands of customers, partners, investors into loyal fans and ambassadors. When SAP bought hybris in 2013 the acquisition turned into a spectacular „reverse takeover“, where the SAP brand was eventually heavily influenced and changed by our work for the Hybris brand and culture.

Corporate Websites

Everyone is talking about the consumerization of B2B. Especially for a company that claims to be an expert for customer experience it was essential to all the touchpoints to find a good balance between fact-driven content and just the right portion of entertainment and style.

Corporate Collaterals

As important as digital is today – holding a brochure or paper in your hands creates a much higher level of engagement and is always a great opportunity to inspire and entertain your audience – if you dare to go the extra-mile.

Brochure Design

From time to time there’s a chance to create something outstanding, that feels so special in your hands, that you really want to read it. This starts with some extra love for layout and ends with the choice of fancy paper and print colors.

Event Design

Nothing though is as immersive and remarkable as a well-design and organized event. Next to several smaller roadshow and tradeshow gigs we once a year took the chance to use the „Global Summit“ as an evolutionary, „seasonal“ next brand-update, picking up latest industry trends and topics and connecting it with Hybris and the product range. Our work here included the overall event branding, marketing and communication to highly technical demo showcases (from super-realistic product demos to futuristic realtime VR environments).

Mailings & Newsletter actually worth reading

Widely underestimated is the power of catchy newsletters and emailings. In fact it’s very easy to grab your audience’s attention of you spend a bit of extra budget on hand-crafted openers and intros. It must have been thousands of mailings we created for Hybris during all these years.


Responsive Layouts

Today interface designers are not even talking about responsive design or layouts anymore, Because it already reached the level of a hygiene factor. You simply have to have it. But we are not getting tired to drop the fact, that we already implemented responsive layouts before the term became a thing (for the website of europe’s biggest design collection, but that’s a different story for another time).

Print and advertising

If you want to let a beautiful artwork shine really well you have to make it big. That’s the beauty of print and we love to embrace these formats and create artworks to impress people and make them fall in love with it.

Visual systems

You can’t fake being clever or interesting. That’s why nothing beats a smart living identity or system, if you want to inspire people and emphasize the innovation spirit of your product. Graphical systems also provide an unlimited range of variety and turn into something highly cost-efficient after a while. 

Social Media Marketing

The rules of communication are varying a lot from channel to channel. You have to have a deep understanding of the different do’s and don’ts and cultural differences before you create content for specific platforms. And we surely know how to play that game!

That does not only mean how to treat social media from a creative point of view. We also love to unleash our marketing execution nerds and have them manage all the typical channels like linkedin, facebook, instagram, twitter etc. – each one of them according to their unique rules, do’s and don’ts.

There’s no way to have quicker results than through social.