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Favorite creative works

These are some of our latest design, branding, marketing and creative projects. If you are looking for the full stack SNK portfolio, including all our consulting, UX and tech services, you find all that on the SNK.DE mothership

…just to begin with our recent favorites, while there is still so much more. But even looking back takes some time and while we are busy working on new projects we will definitely find some time to portrait a few more beautiful recent projects soon. So please stay tuned and come back here. Besides that – like mentioned – check out our main SNK.DE to read about more UX- or tech-focused projects.

We’re still open for new best friends. And a first chat is always for free. Can we help your brand, too?

Short and simple: We love to bring more life to brands. Wether it’s brand development / management or simply just truly fun brand communication and marketing.

Tell us how we might be able to help you.